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Avatar of Khaine

The Avatar of Khaine are black iron statues made in the image of the god of war and murder, Kaela Mensha Khaine or more commonly known as Khaine.[1a]


Avatars of Khaine are merely iron statues, but it is through the blood rituals of the Khainite Priestesses that these metal titans are animated into terrifying life.[1a]


Either from atop a Cauldron of Blood or striding across the battlefield on foot, these black iron juggernauts are a terrible sight to behold. The statue of Khaine will unleash a roar of horrifying anger and spew torrents of molten metal blood upon the foe, while it will swing its massive sword to hack down those deemed enemies of the Khainites, creating a whirlwind of limbs, blood and gore.[1a]