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The Asur Pantheon, which is comprised of the Cytharai[1a] and Cadai[1a], were the gods worshipped and venerated by the Asur, the precursors of the Aelven races, when the World-That-Was still existed.[1a]

Most of the Aelven Pantheon was swallowed by Slaanesh after the End Times, when the gates of Mirai were opened and its underworlds plundered of its souls. The final one to be consumed was Mathlann, the god of the Idoneth Deepkin who have various artistic depictions showing his final moments and battle with Slaanesh.[1c][10]

Morathi's apotheosis within the belly of Slaanesh freed a sliver of divinity of Morai-Heg that came to inhabit Krethusa.[9]

Despite believing that these gods are dead and lost, many of the aelven cultures still worship these deities or variations of them, like the Deepkin Enclaves of the Green Gulch, the Crone-Heralds or the Daughters of Khaine.[1a][3][5a][8a][8b][8c]

Known Asur Gods


Khaine, the Lord of Murder is one of the gods of the Asur Pantheon that is still worshipped and venerated in the Mortal Realms. However the worship of Khaine is far more widespread due to the Daughters of Khaine, who have spread the Cult of Khaine far and wide.[3][5a]


Kurnoth, the Hunter God, is an elder deity that hails from the World-That-Was and is worshiped by across the Mortal Realms. Especially the Heartwood Glade of the Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth by and large consider the god to be the spirit-consort of their creator-goddess, Alarielle. Kurnoth was killed during the battle against the forces of Nurgle in the Age of Chaos, though many believe part of his essence lingers in the Spear of Kurnoth now wielded by Alarielle.[4a]


Lileath was the moon goddess venerated by the people of Ulthuan in the World-That-Was. Teclis, one of the Gods of Light of the Realm of Hysh, worshipped her in his mortal life and still carries the Lunar Staff, whose top depicts Lileath holding a crescent moon.[6a][6b]


Mathlann, the Lord of the Deeps and King of Storm and Sea, was one of the gods worshipped by the ancestors of the Aelves in the World-That-Was. In that ancient world, Mathlann protected the souls of his followers in the watery underworlds he ruled over, though he and they would be devoured by Slaanesh during the world's apocalyptic end. Untold millennia latter Teclis would use the very souls that Mathlann guarded to create the Cythai whose descendants, the Idoneth Deepkin would come to venerate Mathlann as their primary deity.[7a]


Morai-Heg, the Weaver of Prophect and Crone-Goddess of Death and Fate, is a deity that has been worshipped by orders of Aelven seers since the Age of Myth. Despite attempts by Morathi to stamp out the cults dedicated to the Crone-Goddess, they have persisted in one form or another throughout the ages. One such group, the Crone Heralds, denounce Morathi as a false goddess and spread dissent amongst the ranks of the Khainite Sects.[8a][8b][8c]

Gods of the Idoneth

The Asur Pantheon venerated by the Idoneth of the Green Gulch, and possibly beyond it, is headed by Mathlann. Though the Idoneth venerate these gods, they know they are long dead and many believe they have little or no influence on the Mortal Realms. They all share or have similar names to the Cydai and Cytharai of the World-That-Was. In addition to the following gods, some Idoneth are also known to venerate Teclis and Tyrion.[1a][1c]