Arx Terminus

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The Arx Terminus is a fortress constructed by the Ossiarch Bonereapers in the Eightpoints on the orders of Orpheon Katakros. It defends the Eightpoints side of the Endgate, the Arcway connecting the Realm of Shyish and the Eightpoints.[1c]


In the wake of the Realmgate Wars, Archaon directed that the defences of the remaining Arcways controlled by Chaos be improved. The Dreadhold guarding the Endgate, Karheight, was expanded the most, since the forces of Nagash constantly attempted to take the Shyish side of the Endgate and Archaon felt it was here that a second line of defence would be most needed.[1a]

Following the Ossiarchs' capture of Gothizzar - the city on the Shyish side of the Endgate - Katakros began planning to push into the Eightpoints. He prevailed upon Lady Olynder and her Nighthaunts to lead the attack, and the gheists' lightning assault took Karheight and swept out into the Corpse Wastes beyond. Behind this assault, the Ossiarch Bonereapers secured the fortress and set about consolidating their foothold in Archaon's domain.[1b] The ruins of Karheight would become the foundations of the new fortress, which Katakros dubbed the Arx Terminus.[1c]


The Arx Terminus resembles a vast, seven-fingered hand of bone stretching from the Endgate. It is large enough that each finger is a mighty fortress in its own right, and at the tip of each digit is a fortified tower with potent arcane defences.[1c] The layout of the fingers is such that the defences of one can cover its neighbours, creating an all-encompassing web of fire on any besieger who attempts to attack the central fortress directly.[1d]

Ever since his duel with Archaon, Katakros has ordered the Mortisans to construct even more defences, including an interlocking network of defensive towers and trenches between the main body of the fortress and the Endgate. Even if the numberless hordes of Chaos were to breach the Arx Terminus, the Ossiarchs will not be without defences.[1d]

Mortarch's Seat

In the centre of the "palm" of the fortress is its largest tower: the Mortarch's Seat'. Its design allows Katakros to oversee the every facet of the defence of the fortress from its summit.[1c]

At the top of the tower is a vaulted hall of crystallized bone where Katakros can plan his campaign. A map of the Eightpoints is carved into the floor, and when the Mortarch is present it is dotted with blocks of polished ivory and obsidian representing Ossiarch and Chaos forces. There are openings in the ceiling to allow messenger birds to come and go, meaning Katakros can dispatch orders and receive updates from the field with as little delay as possible.[1d]

Just off the main hall on the top level, Katakros keeps spare bodies so that if he is slain in battle, he can quickly resume the work of directing the campaign.[1d]


Beneath the interior of the fortress are vast chambers that cut deep into the soil of the Eightpoints for the Mortisan caste to work their arcane arts of bone-crafting and soul-rendering. If supplied with sufficient bone and souls, the workshops and foundries of the catacombs can produce thousands of Ossiarch soldiers each day, or repair many times that number.[1c]