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Aqualiths, also known as Drift-isles, are Metaliths that originate from the Realm of Ghyran. These moss-covered floating islands are a mystery, even to the greenpriests of Hammerhal Ghyra.[1a][1b]

Magical Properties

Aqualiths, like all Metaliths, are held aloft by the Geomantic Magic that courses through them. Fresh water continually pours forth from Aqualiths, raining down in great torrents.[1b]


In the Verdant City of Hammerhal Ghyra drift-isles are used to power the industry of the city. They irrigate and feed the crops of the Farming Strata, fill reservoirs, turn millstones, and power the clocks and cargo lifts of the city.[1b]

The Dawnbringer Crusades that set forth from the Cities of Sigmar to found new Strongpoints make use of Aqualiths to provide safe drinking water to the new settlement and cleanse the site around it.[1a]