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Lady Annika the Thirsting Blade is a Vampire noblewoman of the Vyrkos Dynasty from the city of Ulfenkarn.[1][2]

She appears to be a ostentatious Soulblight noblewoman but her apparent serenity hides a bloodlust deeper than any other of her kind. It is in battle that she can most easily slake her thirst as she plunges headlong into the fray, her blade adding fuel to her frenzy . [1]


In Lady Annika the unique vampiric curse of the Vyrkos manifested as the endless thirst of the blood-sucking bat. While she wander the Ebon Citadel bemoaning the endless passage of years and scarcity of decent dressmakers this is merely a mask to hide her true, nature. In reality her chambers are filled with corpses that have been messily exsanguinated and dismembered to feed her voracious metabolism. As Ulfenkarn’s mistress of ceremonies, she was renowned for her precise appetite and the cramps of starvation set in almost as soon as she satiates them. It is even gossiped by her fellow Vyrkos that she ingests vials of blood tinged with realmstone known as chamonite, heightening her reflexes without heed of any transmuting side-effects. From her lair in the Screaming Spires, a cluster of grim towers built upon the flanks of the Ebon Citadel, her minions abduct Ulfenkarn’s people on a mass scale to feed her and when she joins battle any image of nobility disappears as she plunges into sate her thrist.[2]


Blade Proboscian: An enchanted sword that drains its victims of their vital fluids. [1]




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