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Deity Alarielle.png
Titles Everqueen[8]
Queen of the Radiant Wood[8]
Protector of Ghyran[8]
Lady of Leaves[8]
Domains Life[11a]
Type Ascended deity
Status Active
Home Hidden Valley of Athelwyrd[3]
Verdant Palace[2b]
Relatives Kurnoth (paramour)[10a]
Affiliation Order
Followers Sylvaneth
Mortal worshipers
For Alarielle in the World-That-Was see: Allarielle.

Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood was one of the survivors of the End Times and ascended into a full-fledged deity, protector of the Realm of Ghyran. She created the Sylvaneth through her soul-pods.[1]


Age of Myth

Alarielle plants soulpod glades across the Realm of Ghyran from these come the first Sylvaneth, the Oakenbrow Glade and Gnarlroot Glade.[3] She becomes a member of Sigmar's Great Alliance and appointed as Protector of the realm of Ghyran, but as time passed she continued to pine for the lost World-that-was and increasingly desired only to tend to her own Realm of Life. She rued returning to the Vault Celestial for council due to the endless bickering.[2a][3] Alarielle during the Age of Myth ruled from the Verdant Palace.[2b]

Age of Chaos

Nurgle devastates the realm of Ghyran, infesting it with disease and his plague infused followers and daemons, Alarielle and her peoples resist but as time passes, Nurgle only grows stronger and the realm of life weaker. Eventually, she fled her home and hid for centuries in the Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd. From there she commanded the Sylvaneth through the World Roots in a war called the Hidden War, sending forth powerful enchantments and commands to defeat the invading chaos, but she saw every atrocity and grew despondent and could not bear to look any further. She sought comfort in the simple things of nature and memories of a prosperous past and stopped answering her commanders.[2b]

Age of Sigmar

Alarielle, after her rebirth into a warlike aspect during the Age of Sigmar.

Only the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals to the Verdant Palace broke her from her reverie, pacing back and forth, wondering if it was time to leave her mourning aspect and into her war aspect.[2b]

  • The Realmgate Wars
    • Hidden: Depressed, Alarielle has retreated to one of her last hidden strongholds - Athelwyrd, Sigmar sends Stormcast Eternals to locate her but they also lead Chaos to her, forcing her and few remaining followers to flee.[3]
    • Flight out of Darkness: The goddess transforms herself into a soulpod with the last of strength which is then carried by the Lady of Vines who hopes to plant her and see Alarielle reborn.[3]
    • Last Hope: Despite the unrelenting pursuit of Torglug the Despised and the loss of all her followers, the soulpod is planted on Blackstone Summit in the bloodsap of her most devoted daughter, the Lady of Vines.[3]
    • Awakening: Alarielle is reborn in her most warlike aspect, rejuvenating many parts of her dying realm and her followers, a new War of Life begins as her spirit-song sounds across every realm.[3]
  • Aftermath: She sensed Sigmar's manifestation upon the Nevergreen Mountains in Ghyran and sent a lesser manifestation to confront him, angry at his invasion. The god offered to help the goddess rescue the Sylvaneth Soul-Pods held hostage within a Flux-Cairn by Tzaangors. She refused and tried to rescue them with her Sylvaneth, but they failed and soon erased her manifestation, leaving Sigmar alone with the laughter of Tzeentch.
  • Sigmar and Alarielle meet for the first time in millennia at Highheim [4]
  • During the Time of Tribulations Alarielle destroys the Cog-Fort Saint Severona and demands an audience with the leaders of the Greywater Fastness.[5]



Though Sigmar is an ally and his Stormcasts did help revive Alarielle, she has no interest in reforming his old Pantheon and finds his civilisation of stone and steel saddening and at times irritating.[4][5]


Kurnoth is her consort. Although Alarielle disapproves of his bloodthirsty hunts in Kurnotheal, every spring she receives him in Athelwyrd as her most beloved.[6]


In the Age of Myth, Alarielle was willing to compromise with Nagash and gifted him the land of Decrepita in order to prevent conflict between them. Though the bargain was kept for a time it did not hold. The clash between them was put on hold by the coming Age of Chaos.[6]


Nurgle is anathema to Alarielle. She considers him a curse, a plague, and a violent perversion of all she holds dear. She has been at war with him since the beginning of the Age of Chaos.[6]


I call upon sun and wind – let the filth be cleansed from the lands. Now is not the time to count the cost of victory, nor to weep over our losses, for it is the Season of War. Now is the time to make our foes pay for the evil they have wrought. Let your vengeance flow like a flood tide

~ Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood .[7]



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