Absolution Censer

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Absolution Censers are employed by the Most Devoted of the Devoted of Sigmar.[1a]


These devices are heavy censers that can double as two-handed weapons in a pinch, dealing crushing blows to the enemies of Sigmar. The censers belch out a cleansing incense that is harmless to all but those aligned to Chaos. To these foul servants of the Dark Gods the incense becomes a deadly, choking fog.[1a]


When the Most Devoted patrol the streets of the Cities of Sigmar during the monthly celebration of Sigmarsday they swing about these heavy censers, sprinkling celebrants with cleansing incense. However, these same censers have often been employed by the Most Devoted on those Chaos Cultists that would use the festivities of Sigmarsday to stage dramatic attacks on unprepared cities.[1a]