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Abhorrant Gorewarden

An Abhorrant Gorewarden leading a host of Flesh-Eater Courts

Abhorrant Gorewardens are Abhorrant vampires of the Flesh-Eater Courts. In a Ghoul Court, the most loyal members of the sovereign's bloodline are given the title of Gorewarden. These Abhorrants are given the 'keys to the kingdom', rusted relics that act as symbols of office for their new position. From then on, these Gorewarden guard the borders of their liege's lands. Taking over ruined fortifications, they watch for anyone foolish enough to wander into their territory. Once they spot a trespasser they swoop down and savagely slay them.

Gorewarden tend to fanaticism, seeing themselves as guardians of their liege's domain, in the same way Ushoran guarded Nagash's realm. Many Gorewarden arrange the bones of their slain foes in a sunburst around their neck in honour of Ushoran, the Summerking.[1a]